Company valuation is a critical issue for businesses considering corporate actions.

The key services we offer are:

  1. Governance updates to monitor the impact of corporate strategy on business valuations based on monthly analysis of business data.
  2. A full valuation of your business and its relative position across the whole construction universe.
  3. Industry capitalisation indices to benchmark the health of the whole construction universe.

It is critical that a valuation methodology looks at your uniqueness, your track records of success, as well as your potential to release untapped business opportunities.

Your position relative to your peers is valuable information for planning your short term business priorities. Lima will rank your business against a peer group of comparable businesses using a range of business scorecard metrics.

Business value is not just your track record, it comprises your intellectual property, your network and your specific industry know-how, all factors that banks typically overlook. In addition as well deeper discussions on company performance, value must also consider synergies released from potential suitors in merging businesses.