Lima Insights is owned and managed by a team of senior construction industry experts and market-leading financial modellers.

Brendan Morahan and Tim Fitch were both formerly senior directors at Taylor Woodrow (now Vinci) and now run their own construction consultancy firm, advising the UK government and a number of blue chip construction companies.

Based on their experience and knowledge of the construction industry, they identified the need for a more “intelligent” way of assessing the value of construction businesses. By collating and analysing publicly available information and overlaying this with contextual insights and economic forecasting, real market insights and intelligent valuations are delivered.

Tim has led a collaboration with University College London over a number of years on a number of research projects associated with better understanding the construction market and how relationship marketing can be used to create greater value.

Martyn Dorey, is a market-leading investment actuary who has won awards for his innovative modelling work. He has pioneered big-data analysis and financial technology for over 20 years. As a result, he is well placed to exploit the experience, knowledge and economic models that his company has developed for the Financial Services sector, and apply them to the construction sector.

Based on these complementary capabilities, we formed Lima Insights to set a new ‘gold standard’ for modelling and analysing both the construction industry and the companies within it.

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