Lima Insights is an innovative market insight business tailored to the construction industry. We recognise that the management of information in the construction industry is a key source of competitive advantage. This industry has historically been considered ‘opaque’ due to high levels of private ownership and a lack of available data. This has made it difficult to assess the true value of construction companies.

There is now greater use of technology within the construction industry, and we have seen a trend towards using ‘big data’ on construction projects to better inform the lifecycle/lifetime cost of a building. The next step is to use ‘big data’ to establish the real value of companies within this sector, which will be invaluable for M&A activity. This is why we have established Lima Insights, which provides :

  • Unrivalled ‘on the ground’ intelligence on the construction industry – an under-researched sector due to high levels of private ownership
  • A systematic approach to valuing businesses (using unique algorithms) – leading to a quality rating or ‘credit rating’ for each company analysed
  • A ‘FTSE-style’ market cap index of privately owned construction companies – unavailable anywhere else

The insights delivered by this combination of contextual knowledge, technology and industry relationships will lead to a more efficient construction industry through more effective M&A activity