Lima Insights performs in-depth quantitative analysis on all 8,600 companies in the UK construction industry who issue full accounts. Lima Insights segments companies into similar groups in the value chain, and ranks them according to their:


This analysis is augmented with a robust economic overlay. At the heart of this overlay is a core belief that most businesses need to be prepared for the next recession. To achieve this, the economic overlay projects future company profitability in a range of different economic scenarios; from times of economic boom to recession.

A reality, first observed by Carl Marx, is that there is an inherent instability in the capital markets, particularly as the global economy gets closer to ‘inflexion’ points. Inflexion points are regions where the market becomes increasingly chaotic, flitting between a state of growth or contraction. The model is calibrated quarterly on a wide range of pricing data and economic fundamentals going back to the early 1950’s.

For illustration we show the economic turning points below. However, the nature of these turning points are such that they may arrive earlier or later than expected; and with deeper or shallower peaks and troughs than might be predicted:


What are the benefits?

Below is an overview of the key benefits delivered by our analysis:


Value is delivered from selecting specific aspects of the benefits map and tailoring it to fit your individual needs.